Viral singing sensations Katherine Hallam and Jordan Rabjohn have captured hearts with their unforgettable rendition of “Shallow,” showcasing their extraordinary talent as a mother-son duo.

Hailing from Sheffield, England, Katherine and Jordan’s performance of the hit song from the 2018 remake of A Star is Born rivals the original by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Jordan begins with his captivating vocals, set against a blue studio backdrop that enhances the song’s emotional depth. His delivery, especially on the word “falling,” powerfully conveys the song’s sentiment.

Around 50 seconds into the performance, Katherine joins in with her equally mesmerizing voice, adding a powerful and precise dimension to the duet. The split-screen presentation allows viewers to see their harmonious collaboration, highlighting their undeniable chemistry and musical prowess.

Their performance is more than just a display of musical talent; it also showcases the deep bond between mother and son. Their resemblance is striking, from their mannerisms to their shared features. Moments of laughter and shared smiles underscore the joy they find in performing together, with Katherine’s heart necklace symbolizing the love and pride she feels for her son.

This duet is just one example of the many collaborations between Katherine and Jordan, demonstrating their versatility and passion for music. Beyond singing, Katherine is a visual artist known for her creations under the name Katie Rae Bears, while Jordan is a music teacher at Parkwood Academy. Together, they create musical magic that captivates audiences worldwide, blending their unique talents into an enchanting performance.