Ready for a challenge? Here’s a task that will test your powers of observation: an elderly gentleman needs your help finding his misplaced pipe.

In the image below, you’ll see the senior man seated on a bench outside his home, absorbed in reading a newspaper. Can you locate his cherished pipe hidden somewhere within the picture? You have one minute to solve this visual puzzle.

The gentleman is wearing a red, ornate top paired with brown striped pants, and he has a walking cane beside him. Vines adorn the bench, adding to the scene’s ambiance.

Where could his pipe be? Is it within the building behind him, or perhaps among the surrounding plants?

Take a closer look and give it your best shot before checking the solution.

Did you manage to find the elusive pipe?

Here’s a helpful hint: the pipe is part of another item belonging to the elderly gentleman!

Inspect his belongings more closely, and you might uncover the hidden treasure.