In 2017, during a dance competition held in Bavaria, Germany, this couple’s performance earned them the veteran’s cup. Recently, the video of their routine gained renewed attention after it was shared by a Twitter user and went viral once more.

Even if dancing isn’t everyone’s preferred activity, the dance skills of Dietmar Ehrentraut, 70, and his wife Nellia, 64, are impressive enough to awe even the most seasoned dancers. The couple, who have been dancing together for 60 years, were captured on camera performing a rock and roll routine at a dance competition.

According to the Daily Mail, they were unaware that they were being filmed during the competition held in Bavaria, Germany, in 2017. Their outstanding performance earned them the veterans cup for their category.

The video of their dance routine gained widespread attention again after it was shared by Twitter user @tinabob, going viral once more. If you’d like to see their full performance, you can watch the video here: