Following her mother’s cancer diagnosis, the radio host temporarily stepped away from her Breakfast show to provide care.

Her birthdate is August 29, 1949.

Zoe Ball, renowned for her role on BBC Radio 2, is her daughter.

In March 2024, the host shared on Instagram that Julia had been diagnosed with cancer.

She expressed to her followers, “Our beloved Mama Julia has been diagnosed with Cancer, which deeply saddens me.”

“These are incredibly challenging times, as many of you know all too well. Mom is displaying immense bravery.”

“My brother Jamie and I are deeply impressed by the exceptional care provided by the doctors, nurses, and support staff for Mom.”

“Thank you.” Appreciation extended to our families, extended families, and friends both at home and at work for their support during this period.

Zoe then announced her intention to take a break from work to assist her mother through her diagnosis.

Upon returning to her Breakfast show on April 17, 2024, Zoe informed listeners that her mother had been moved to hospice care.

She gifted the paramedics who aided Julia with a Bon Jovi song.

On air, she stated, “Mom is now under hospice care. These are tough times for our family.”

“I want to extend my gratitude to John, Scarlett, both Charlies, Sophie, and Laura for their exceptional care of my mom.”

“My mom is going through a really tough time right now. Sending her all my love.”

“Love you, Mum.”

What was the cause of Julia Peckham’s passing?
Zoe informed everyone on April 24, 2024, that her mother Julia, aged 74, had passed away after a lengthy battle with pancreatic cancer.

She paid tribute to her on social media, informing her followers of her passing.

She shared a photo of Julia with the caption “Sleep tight, dear Mama.”

“Thank you for teaching us how to love unconditionally, to be brave and caring always, and that laughter is the greatest gift, even on the darkest days.”

“We miss you dearly, but we will hold each other tightly.”

She also expressed, “Today, I bid farewell to Granny J. Thank you for being an amazing woman.”

“The only person who never failed to send me a Valentine’s card.”

In 1969, Julia married Johnny Ball, a TV host.

Zoe was born on November 23, 1970, when Julia was 21 years old.

Julia and Johnny separated when Zoe was two, and their marriage ended in 1972.

Zoe has previously spoken about the challenges of her relationship with Julia after her parents’ separation.

She has said, “I didn’t see my mom Julia for a few years because she was so young when she married my dad and had me.”

“After their separation, I lived with my dad and my other ‘mom’, his wife Diane.”

However, in recent years, their relationship grew close, and Zoe supported her mother after the death of her husband Richard in 2013.

When discussing caring for her mother, Zoe mentioned her brother Jamie Clark.