Prepare to be amazed by the incredible act of kindness from Colin Farrell, who transformed the life of a homeless man known as ‘Stress’ during a break from filming.

While in Toronto for a movie shoot, Colin heard a radio station offering a $2,000 prize to anyone who could bring him to the studio. Inspired by the contest, he wandered the streets until he found David Woods, nicknamed ‘Stress.’

Colin brought David to the radio station, letting him claim the $2,000 prize. But he didn’t stop there. He took David shopping at an outdoor gear store, buying him everything he needed. Dave Mott, the store manager, witnessed the event and described how Colin and David seemed like best friends, with Colin encouraging David to take whatever he wanted.

“Get him what he wants, get him the best,” Colin insisted. Dave later learned that this kind of generosity was a regular part of Colin’s life.

Colin’s kindness didn’t end with the shopping spree. He took David to an ATM, withdrew enough money for a month’s rent, and urged him to find an apartment, promising to cover the rent for the rest of the year.

To top it off, Colin gave David a book he cherished, ‘The Voice of God’ by Persian poet Hafiz, inscribing a heartfelt message: “To David, wishing you continued peace and strength, C.”

Colin’s compassion has had a profound impact on David, giving him hope and stability. David shared how Colin’s outreach gave him a lift of hope, praising him as a down-to-earth guy willing to help others with respect.

Watch this heartwarming video of Colin Farrell helping a homeless man, who is now no longer homeless: