During the holiday season, families around the world come together to reconnect with loved ones they may not have seen for some time.

This past Christmas, actor Anthony Delon reconciled with his famous parents, Alain and Natalie Delon, both renowned actors in their own right.

Alain and Natalie, who were co-stars in the successful 1967 film “Samurai,” had a tumultuous relationship that ended in divorce in 1968. Despite their separation, they remained prominent figures in the entertainment industry.

Natalie, originally from Australia, moved to the United States seeking new career opportunities and personal growth.

Meanwhile, Alain Delon, known for his relationships with actress Romy Schneider and Mireille Darc, vowed never to remarry after his divorce from Natalie.

In a touching gesture, Anthony Delon recently shared a new photograph of his parents, marking 53 years since their family first gathered together on Christmas Day.

The photo, accompanied by a heartfelt message, resonated deeply with fans, highlighting the enduring bond and emotions within the Delon family.

As they celebrated together in Paris, Natalie Delon, turning 80 in August, and Alain Delon, who will be 85 in November, joined their son Anthony, who celebrated his 56th birthday in September.