In a recently resurfaced clip from a 1983 episode of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, the internet is abuzz with the delightful camaraderie and witty exchanges between the late Joan Rivers and beloved Betty White.

At ages 49 and 61 respectively during the show, the brassy blondes engaged in playful banter over their magazine covers.

During the clip, they humorously teased each other about their appearances on People Weekly and Kennel Review. Betty White quipped, “And if you dare say, ‘Who’s that other bi*** on the cover?’ I will never speak to you again for as long as I live,” drawing laughter from the audience.

Joan Rivers, never one to shy away from a humorous exchange, jokingly shaded Betty White about her cover not being for “a major publication.” She retorted, “Not a major publication? If you have dogs, I tell you that’s a very major publication.”

The clip captures their playful rivalry and the genuine joy they shared in each other’s company, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Betty White further lightened the mood by revealing the backstory of her cover, humorously sharing that People Weekly editors wanted her cover to be “topless,” eliciting another round of laughter from the audience.

This rediscovered clip serves as a heartwarming reminder of the timeless charm and magnetic personalities that both Joan Rivers and Betty White brought to the entertainment world—a legacy that continues to captivate audiences even decades later.