The 94-year-old Gene Hackman and his wife, Betsy Arakawa, recently made a rare public appearance together—their first in over 20 years. Hackman sported a gray vest, green-gray cargo pants, a stylish checkered button-down shirt, sunglasses, and a cap. Despite his low-key attire, his physical appearance caught the attention of fans.

Hackman, though able to walk, relied on his wife’s assistance and used a cane. His thin and somewhat malnourished look made him nearly unrecognizable to onlookers.

Hackman’s illustrious career in the film industry, highlighted by roles in movies like “The French Connection,” remains celebrated. However, fans had mixed reactions to his recent appearance. Many commented on social media about his obvious health decline, with some lamenting his aging and others noting how different he looks now.

Many admirers expressed their shock at his transformation, stating they would not have recognized him. One person even remarked that he looked so frail that “the wind could take him away.” Hackman’s devoted fans are clearly experiencing a range of emotions in response to his current state.

Regardless of the comments about their appearance, Hackman’s public outing with his wife remains a significant moment for his followers. His on-screen legacy endures, and his contributions to the film industry will be remembered forever.