The actress effortlessly performs all these exercises, showcasing her impressive strength and agility. Then, unexpectedly, she emerges from a small freezer wearing a face mask. The scene is surprising and humorous.

60-year-old Courteney Cox shares bizarre video of 'at home beauty hack'  that has fans shocked

Cox acknowledges the camera with a shrug, saying, “What? It’s cryotherapy,” before stepping out of the frame and donning a trucker hat.

The video sparked significant reactions from her fans, who praised her comedic timing and admired how youthful and fit she appeared for her age.

Courteney Cox Shows Off BIZARRE Wellness Hack After Turning 60

“No way is she 60! She looks amazing! Fit as a lop! 🙌,” one user commented.

Another wrote, “You look fabulous. Even better, you’re hysterical! Happy Sexy Sixty!’

On June 15th last month, Courteney Cox celebrated her 60th birthday.