The figure skater Alexandra “Sasha” Trusova gained widespread recognition after winning a silver medal in the 2022 Summer Olympics. Her performance at the Skate Canada competition captivated audiences, and videos of her routines have garnered over 12 million views on YouTube over the past three years.

Trusova is celebrated for her significant technical advancements in women’s figure skating. Historically, men’s programs included more complex quadruple jumps, while women faced societal expectations that limited such technical feats.

Over time, women’s figure skating has evolved dramatically. Early figures like American skater Theresa Weld were criticized for jumps like the salchow, deemed too revealing due to the elevation of skirts. Today, jumps are integral to the sport, reflecting shifting perceptions and expectations.

To see Alexandra “Sasha” Trusova’s impressive performances and her grace on the ice, you can find videos showcasing her skills online.