We are often taken aback by anything, not knowing or predicting that absolutely spectacular events are yet to unfold. This is exactly what happened to our history’s heroes today. Two Polish fishermen caught a massive catfish that is one of the world’s oldest.

The surprise had no bounds, but then something happened that shocked the men even more. Poles were expecting a spectacular surprise from the caught fish. Alfons Brzozowski and Marek Zhdanovich were just fishing on the Oder River in Poland’s southwest corner, having no idea that they would become famous around the world.

Even after they understood they had caught not just a catfish, but a monster catfish, they were astounded! It measured more than 3.5 meters in length and weighed about 200 kilograms, but what happened next was even more astonishing. The fisherman discovered human bones, buttons, and a metal emblem in the shape of an eagle from the uniform of SS officers after opening the catfish.

The Poles quickly alerted the authorities, who launched an inquiry to determine the provenance of the bones. According to experts, the man discovered in the fish perished during the occupation of Poland in the early 1940s. The fish’s age was likewise estimated to be between 90 and 110 years old.

Experts were unable to determine how the cop passed away, leaving the question of whether he was already dead or was eaten by a catfish unanswered. “We only have fragments of bones on our hands,” scientist Patek Loiko stated. “The majority of the skeleton has not been located.” Furthermore, gastric fluid harmed both bones and artifacts.

There is insufficient information to determine the specific cause of death.” By the way, the potential that a catfish ended a person’s life is very serious — zoologists claim that certain members of this species can eat a cat or a dog, and the larger members of this species frequently attack humans. Catfish, according to Roman Yusupov, a veteran hunter and prize-winner of the Yaroslavl region in sport fishing, pounce quickly and drag their prey to the depths.

They arrive at the beach late in the afternoon. Furthermore, some anglers claim to be familiar with numerous cases in which a catfish dragged a dog into the water or bit a person. And the hunters report that they have witnessed these predators attack deer swimming across the river on several occasions.

People have also told stories about catfish stealing laundry from people’s hands as they were cleaning it in river water. In the Ukrainian news, there is even mention of cannibal catfish turning over motorboats in search of a victim. They claim that a ship with a gaping hole in which a huge catfish was stuck was once found missing with no trace in the area of the island of Khotritsa, at a depth of 15 meters.

Then, inside the fish, the remains of 3 Polish tourists who had gone missing with the ship were discovered. As a result, the theory that a catfish attacked a German commander and pulled him to the bottom of the ocean is well-founded. This is especially true given the nature of this ferocious predator.

There have been instances where people have said unequivocally that they witnessed such events. Of course, a catfish must be enormous to be able to end a person’s life since, like a python, it swallows the victim entire and then digests it for the same amount of time. There are, however, opposing viewpoints.

Many people believe that catfish are scavengers rather than hunters, and that attacks on humans are extremely rare. This approach may be worth considering because many people are guided solely by rumors or their own anxieties.

Furthermore, many people are drawn to unexplained happenings – why not believe in a monster from the depths of the ocean, going out hunting in the evenings? What are your thoughts on the recent finding of two Polish fishermen? Leave your thoughts in the comments section…