Wedding in this day and age can be a lot of fun, particularly when the bride and groom collaborate to create their own unique vision for the ceremony. People get married in strange places, wear ridiculous outfits, have comedic themes, and snap unusual photographs.

They may all create an unforgettable experience for their visitors. Some couples go to considerable measures to create a really one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony. Whether it’s a theme or a venue, you never know what will happen!

That is just what Mary Holland Tosse had in mind when she decided to forego the traditional wedding march, which is usually performed by composer Felix Mendelssohn. Mary, a Norwegian woman, had no idea she was going to use the well-known song and astonished everyone in the room, including her soon-to-be husband, in the most dramatic way possible.

As the doors open, Mary enters with her father. The visitors are unaware that she is wearing a microphone behind her back! As she walks down the church aisle, Mary astounds everybody by beautifully singing “You Raise Me Up” by the Irish-Norwegian duo Secret Garden, a song covered by many recording artists and a favorite of talent shows all over the world!

Everyone in the chapel is taken aback, including her fiancé Ronny Eidsvik. There’s little doubt that the gesture left a few fans teary-eyed and in dire need of some handkerchiefs at the end of Mary’s performance. It’s a touching scene that might easily be adapted into a film.

The song is currently sung as a contemporary hymn in churches across the United Kingdom and Ireland, but it has a special meaning for the couple here. Ronny wipes away a tear as his lovely bride walks slowly to the altar, and he’s even more taken aback when Mary offers the microphone to her father so he can sing a line! It wasn’t exactly up to Mary’s standards, but it was still a wonderful moment!

The all-female chorus joins in, accompanied by a magnificent brass accompaniment. We’re confident that this is a wedding ceremony that will stay with all of the guests for a long time, as well as a video that the happy couple will enjoy watching in the years to come. Mary should probably try out for Norway’s Got Talent as well…

Here is the video: