We’re always curious to hear about unusual animal friendships. When you have so many different kinds of animals living together, you have to ask if they just get along for the sake of getting along.

Like the heartwarming story of a group of orphaned pups that found a friend and protection in an odd animal. Andrea, a member of 2nd Chances Rescue and a foster home, took in three puppies that had been abandoned in the PetSmart parking lot a few years ago.

“A man showed in with a case of beer and these 4 pups,” Andrea told PAWsitive. “He claimed he caught her in her garden but couldn’t catch her mother.”

Andrea took the cubs in and nurtured them, despite the fact that it took her a while to acclimatize to her new surroundings: “They were terrified,” Andrea explained. Andrea also looked after another rescue pet, Goliath, an eighty-year-old sulcata turtle. Andrea rapidly noticed a connection between her rescue dogs, the elderly tortoise, and the infant cubs, which at first appeared odd.

One day, Andrea found one of the puppies was missing. She was afraid, but she found the puppy in Goliath’s stable fast. He rapidly found that all of the cubs enjoyed cuddling with their turtle companion and that it gave the fearful puppies a sense of security.

“They appeared to find some type of comfort with Goliath,” Andrea observed. “I found her cuddling up to Goliath during the day.” Not only did he help the cubs, but he also helped Goliath.

According to Andrea, the turtle craves attention and contact, but most canines “are afraid of it and ignore it.” The cubs clearly saw things differently, and the tortoise was relieved to have company: “I believe he was ecstatic, and I believe he liked it.”

Here is the video: