When you’re at sea, you should be particularly cautious with your electronics, especially your phone, because you’re less likely to find them if you lose them.

As a result, when this young lady saw her phone slowly drop to the ocean’s bottom, she never expected to recover it again. Imagine his delight when the friendly dolphin handed him his phone back. It appears to be impossible, but let’s take a look at the videos.

Teresa went on vacation to the islands and took advantage of the opportunity to swim with dolphins. The girl was going to jump into the water to enjoy the company of the gorgeous dolphins that surrounded the boat, so she asked her companion to keep her phone while she was swimming. The phone, however, just slid from the man’s grip and into the water.

The girl was already distraught because she had given up hope of finding the phone. The phone was discovered by one of the dolphins, who dived to find it. No one believed his eyes when he not only located it but also returned it to them.

He wrote, “I received the chance to swim with dolphins in the water.” «So I requested someone to keep my phone for me, and he mistakenly dropped it into the sea, but the dolphin grabbed it and returned it to me.» « This is the most lovely thing that has ever happened to me.

The hero dolphin, like many others, is not only exceedingly friendly but also a part of the dolphin encounter, which is one of the islands’ most popular tourist attractions.

Watch te video here: