Many people dream of seeing a whale leap completely out of the water and show its gorgeous body, but only a few people have the opportunity to witness it in person. Well, the lucky man who captured the video below did, and he was gracious enough to share the remarkable clip with the rest of the world.

Craig Capehart and 3 other scuba divers came into a spectacular scene while searching for sardines in Pondoland, South Africa. They were greeted by a clear, crisp, cool day, but they weren’t expecting to see much action, so when they saw a humpback whale breaching a few times, they were all taken aback.

While that would have been thrilling enough, the whale gave them one last display before plunging into the ocean’s depths. After the whale leaped entirely out of the water, Craig and his colleagues were left with their jaws gaping. Craig reflected on that remarkable day, describing what he witnessed as “a pretty unique thing indeed.”

This is something that everyone should see! Watch it here: