Tamarack was the name given to an orphaned bear. The bear was rescued from the wildfire zone because his paws were badly burned.

The blaze had taken a toll on his paws. This occurred in the state of California. When the cute bear escaped from the animal care facility, he was being treated.

Fortunately, the bear is unharmed. He is content in his life since he is so cute. Because the charming bear has a habit of fleeing, cameras were placed around the house to monitor his location.

The camera captured a cute sight of a bear swimming in the water with a toy bear he discovered in the water. You will be pleased with the scene.

It makes people’s hearts melt. The adorable bear goes swimming with the toy bear he befriended. The teddy bear’s appearance in the water is unknown. They make such a cute couple. The bear is currently quite playful and active.

Here’s a link to the video: