Dolph C. Volker, a professional photographer and naturalist, was distraught when his pet passed.

His life was radically altered, and he eventually decided to dedicate his life to assisting other animals.

He made it his major job to fight for and safeguard the rights of animals. He volunteers at the Cheetah Experience in South Africa during his vacation. As a result, the kind man has spared a large number of animals from extinction.

Dolph met a number of wild cats during this time, and they learnt to love and appreciate him as their wonderful friend. On one of his journeys, the fatigued man simply opted to relax and fell asleep under a tree.

And then a beautiful cheetah named Eden came up behind him, sniffed him, and embraced him.

When Dolph awoke, he was startled to see the massive animal by his side. He hadn’t expected such an encounter, let alone in this manner.

He had never expected the animal to hug him so lovingly and gently. That was the start of a fantastic and lasting friendship between them.

Dolph is now known as the “Cheetah Whisperer” for his unwavering love and commitment to these magnificent creatures. Their connection is truly admirable.

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