It’s tough to believe this isn’t retouching when you see this snow-white blonde female. And now, because of her unusual features, this infant is famous all over the world. In just a few months, 11-year-old Amina’s distinctive appearance made her famous not only at home, but all around the world.

A photographer, who uploaded several images on social media, revealed the baby’s attractiveness. The photos went viral: on average, the girl’s work receives 1,500 likes, but Amina’s shots received over 10,000 likes, according to Oddity Central.

Many people suspected the photographer of editing and deception, but those who knew Amin firsthand informed those who were skeptical that she was just as gorgeous in real life, if not more so. Instagram users were disappointed that the baby did not take the lead on social media, despite the fact that with such a cute appearance, it is unavoidable.

Albino models are not as uncommon as they may appear, but Amina has a unique trait. The girl’s look combines two traits that are already astonishing when combined — albinism and heterochromia.

The girl is now studying quietly in high school. Five points for one. She has a large circle of friends, and children and teachers have long been used to seeing a gorgeous neighbor. Admiring followers often expect a career as a supermodel for the fair-haired Amina.

The modest girl, on the other hand, simply refuses. He doesn’t want to do any more photo shoots. This does not lead to the use of social media. She aspires to be a teacher or a doctor, according to her.