Anyone’s first day on the job may be stressful, so we couldn’t imagine how difficult it must be for those who work in unpredictable positions like police officers. You never know what your first day will bring, and it’s a genuine test of whether all of your job training has paid off!

So when a police canine was given a critical mission on his first day on the job, it was a nail-biting moment for both the dog and his handlers as everyone waited to see if he would be up to the task or not. But this smart kid was more than capable of proving himself, and by the end of his first day, he had discovered a missing woman and her infant! Because there’s nothing to do with the curriculum vitae.

Despite the fact that it was his first day on the job, recently certified Dyfed-Powys Authorities canine Max was confident and expecting to prove himself. So when the Carmarthenshire Police Department received information about a missing woman and her child, Max and his trainer, COMPUTER Peter Lloyd, was on the case.

Max and Peter were assigned their critical tasks shortly before midday on Saturday, August 1.

The lady and her little child had gone missing the night before, and a search party had been dispatched to a distant place in Powys. Both Max, a two-year-old German Guard cross, and Peter, a two-year-old German Guard cross, were discovered in a’significant range’ in an attempt to locate the missing pair.

“The woman had not been seen or talked with for two days, which was out of character, and her phone was not functional, so clearly the problem for her security was considerable,” Inspector Jonathan Rees-Jones said in a statement.

The law enforcement agency was therefore forced to act fast to locate the mother and her child.

“Feedback officers, neighborhood policing teams, and experienced search cops were despatched to her home, and queries were run to try to map her movements.”

The female’s automobiles and truck were found on the side of a mountainous road in no time. However, while this provided police officials with a spot to focus their search, there was still a broad area where the two could have traveled to provide the time structure. It could have been a difficult task– but Max’s help would have made all the difference.

“This is where PD Max’s monitoring abilities genuinely came into play,” said examiner Jonathan Rees-Jones. Despite the fact that he had only recently obtained his license and was on his first functional shift, he immediately launched an open location search.”

Thanks to Max, Policeman Peter noticed the missing lady swing for help along a high gorge on the slope at 1:30 p.m.

“They appeared to have actually lingered at the site for a significant amount of time,” according to the report.

The rescue team safely removed the mother and her child from the ravine and checked them over as a precaution. Max and Peter, on the other hand, may leave the scene with a sense of accomplishment, knowing that their initial goal was accomplished.

“I was extremely thrilled that during our first operational implementation as a canine team, myself and Max were able to locate the missing mother and infant in a secure manner,” Peter stated. Max remained focused throughout the lengthy search, and he proved vital when he replied to a cry for assistance, which led to us finding them.”