After a video of her flawless routine was posted on social media on Monday, a gymnast from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) shattered the internet. Her school posted the video with the description “a 10 isn’t enough for her floor routine,” and it has already received over eight million views.

According to reports, Katelyn Ohashi’s flawless performance on Saturday enabled UCLA beat teams from California, Michigan State, and UC Davis to win first place with a team score of 197.700.

Ohashi stated that it was only her second time doing the specific routine in the competition when speaking with the Los Angeles Times on Monday. After her floor routine set to Michael Jackson’s song received over 90 million internet views the previous year, the UCLA student rose to fame. With her performance, Ohashi won the 2018 NCAA floor championship.

In an interview with the media outlet, coach Valorie Kondos Field stated: “We just kept saying, ‘How’re we going to top that? How can we surpass that? He was alluding to her performance from last year.

Both Ohashi and Field spent months developing a fresh routine after last year’s victory. They had prepared a respectable routine, but Ohashi wanted to enhance it with extra flips and summersaults.

Kondos Field remarked, “It’s insane how much she performs in that routine that she doesn’t have to do.

The child gymnast’s abilities were praised by many social media users, with one Twitter user writing: “The power drop into the splits bounce up at the finish is mind bending. Modern floor routines have outrageous power moves.

“I would break every ligament I didn’t realize I even had,” another user remarked. I know absolutely nothing about gymnastics, but this is entertaining to watch. Just by observing, I harmed myself.

According to reports, Ohashi has been competing in national gymnastics contests for more than 18 years.

Watch the video below!