Briton Lorna Goodings was completely unaware of her situation during the entirety of her pregnancy. Gynecologists and obstetricians in practice claim that this is an uncommon case, frequently caused by the idiosyncrasies of physiology. We shall learn how this may have happened and the feelings of the British woman and her unintended child.

After giving birth to a daughter named Vivien in June 2020, Lorna made the decision to have a contraceptive implant. It generates the ovulation-suppressing chemical etonogestrel. After some time, she started to feel sick and worried about bloating and a significant weight gain. At first, Lorna was relaxed.

I put on a lot of weight, but I understood that was just a side effect, so I didn’t give it much thought, she claims. When the soreness persisted, the woman was compelled to see her therapist.

The patient’s illness was determined by the doctor to be caused by fluid retention in the body brought on by the implant, and she was given advice to lose weight.

Lorna did a good job of adhering to the doctor’s advice.

I was actively attempting to reduce weight and going for lengthy walks,” Goodings recalls. But it was useless. The state of health was unimportant, the weight did not diminish, and the weird stomach sensations persisted.

Because her feelings were so dissimilar from what she had during her first pregnancy, Lorna was unable to even imagine that she was pregnant. Goodings consented to her lover Nick’s opinions despite feeling ill and accompanied him to a party with pals. She grew progressively worse, forcing her to call an ambulance while at a party.

The doctors informed Lorna that she was in labor and that her water had already burst after having her inspected in the hospital.

So, 4 hours after being admitted to the hospital, Lorna gave birth to a healthy daughter who was called Daphne without having time to fully understand her pregnancy. On August 1, 2021, this unexpected occurrence happened.