A woman from Ventura, California met her soul partner when she was 73 years old. Karol Mak is her name. Mac, a former nurse, attorney, and educator, tweeted about finding true love at 73 years old during the pandemic.

“Life is so peculiar. I never thought I would be single again at the age of 70 after being married for 40 years. And certainly did not anticipate finding true love at the age of 73 while dealing with a pandemic,” she stated.

Additionally, the woman uploaded a picture of her engagement ring. Mac claimed that despite trying every dating app, she was only “fortunate” with the most recent one.

“After posting my profile, I received a lot of responses. However, I only chose the best one; he was a man around my age, employed as a university professor as I was, and adhered to a similar religious tradition. This is not a coincidence, she continued.

With over a million likes, Mac’s message inspires hope in many others who are still yearning for love.

“You encourage me. I’m 36 and single. One user stated, “Some people say I’m too old to find the proper guy.

Agree that this is an excellent illustration of the idea that love affects people of all ages.