Have you ever been curious about what chipmunks do throughout the day? If not, a curious YouTuber made the decision to pursue them and learn what these remarkable creatures do all day.

She gave him the name Joony the chipmunk, and he made a fantastic movie about him. The compassionate woman fed her, and each time Joony accepted something, she hurried to stuff it into one of her numerous holes.

In her domain, she dug numerous holes and saved their diverse seeds. However, occasionally, squirrels and other creatures discovered her stockpile.

Sometimes, Joony lost track of where she dug her holes, and the seeds, after receiving some water, grew into trees.

A tiny oak tree was just recently discovered in her domain. As a result, the tiny ball of fur turned environmentalist.

Who knows how many additional trees she may have planted over her life.

Watch the video below!