Numerous people were moved by the lovely picture of a firefighter and a 93-year-old guy strolling down the street.

The photo was taken on July 11 after a significant fire broke out in the London neighborhood of Haringey.

An elderly guy approached the barrier as the London Fire Brigade (LFB) arrived on the site and firefighters were dousing the flames. He revealed to one crew member that he had served in London’s Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS) during World War 2 as a firefighter himself. He still remembered fighting flames during the Blitz, when London was under siege for 57 consecutive nights, even at the age of 93.

The spokesman informed us that “he asked one of our soldiers if he could do anything to help.”

The veteran who has spent his entire life in Tottenham was welcomed back to the fire station for tea and cake.

Everyone on Twitter adored this lovely tale.

“One of our Firefighers escorted an elderly guy across the cordon of this morning’s fire,” the London Fire Brigade tweeted.

It turns out that he is only 93 years old and served as a fireman with the AFS in London during World War 2.

“We’ve invited him to Tottenham for tea and cake and to tell us some of his stories.

We are impatient.

It was later confirmed by the fire department: “What a gentleman he was. This morning, we had a brief conversation. How times have changed is amazing.