When a puppy realizes her parents are not letting her inside as quickly as she wants, it is hilarious to see her lose patience. The canine is therefore trying to get her owners’ attention by ringing the doorbell. A Ring camera captured the moment, and the eager dog went viral!

Diamond, a sweet Black Labrador, is seen in video footage walking through the neighborhood before returning home. She is shocked to see that the front door is locked, though.

Diamond decided that the greatest (and loveliest) way to be heard was to desperately ring the doorbell because she was sick of having to wait for so long (two seconds). Diamond keeps ringing the doorbell with her paws, hoping someone will finally allow her in.

The dog’s owner, Dorian Davis of Alaska, decided to upload the video to TikTok because he found it to be too amusing to keep to himself. What follows is history. With millions of views to date, the amusing video of a brilliant but impatient Diamond rapidly went viral.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t get caught on camera letting her in. She was there for perhaps one and a half minutes altogether, according to the owner. “Unless they know it’s Diamond, our children won’t open the door for anyone, but they didn’t know it was her.”

The shrewd dog’s pattern of ringing the doorbell has now become established. Davis described how Diamond developed this feat in the video’s caption. Diamond picked up how to use the doorbell by listening to our youngest daughter ring it frequently, the man wrote. The dog now rings the doorbell each time she returns inside after playing outside.

View the amusing scene here: