Awesome people should be praised and honored. The Dude’s core concept is one that is straightforward and sensible. The Be Nice Project aims to pleasantly surprise people by appreciating them for who they are and what they do for other people in their families or local communities.

This time, a cafeteria employee deserved to be thanked for the hard work she puts in each day. The Bishop Manogue High School in Reno, Nevada, wished to recognize the lady who gently helps them every day and always has a grin on her face. They wanted to let her know that the work she does on a daily basis actually improves their lives.

They joined forces with the men who were hiding the Dude. Together, they prepared a surprise celebration for her that she won’t soon forget thanks to the Be Nice project. Check out the video at the end if you’re interested in how the party was timed and how everything played out.

You’ll get to see the woman’s amazing response to the surprise in the whole tale. The lunch lady had a hard time accepting that everything was genuine and she wasn’t dreaming…