Her age is 61 and his is 24. They recently got married and want to start a family. US citizens Kuran and Cheryl are uncommon couple who met through short music videos.

They each made different attempts to take control of the TT page, but it wasn’t until they banded together that they achieved significant success.

The couple’s humorous films have received millions of views and a significant rise in channel subscribers despite the fact that they live 37 years apart.

Kuran and Cheryl spent their days filming ads and soon discovered that their connection was based on more than just their shared interests.

Kuran proposed to his fiancee in July 2021, and the two got hitched in September.

The couple’s international fame and the channel’s popularity rose swiftly as a result of the headlines.

The couple’s lives was still lacking, though. they made the decision to become parents.

Cheryl and Kuran think about using a surrogate to help them; this is also openly explored.

However, the couple is prepared to adopt a child from an orphanage if no wife is found.

This would enable them to unite as a whole family.