We are all aware that appearance matters. That is why we make such an effort to display ourselves to the world. We meticulously select our clothes and hairstyles, and we always strive to present the greatest version of ourselves. But have you ever considered how much our physical appearance influences how we treat others?

The ability to feel compassion is one of the greatest human abilities, but does it change depending on how someone looks or what they wear? Isn’t it ridiculous? The social experiment in the movie below demonstrates that image does have an effect on our inclination to be nice and compassionate to one another.

The experiment went as follows: In the first scenario, a well-dressed young man stumbles and requires aid. Those who see the tragedy rush to help him within seconds. In the second scenario, a homeless man replaces the presentable young man, and people react very differently.

People went past indifferently, not even thinking about aiding the homeless man. There was one exception, however, and it will restore your confidence in humanity on its own. Take a look at this: