All children lose their teeth at some point, and it typically comes with a few pennies or dollars beneath your pillow. But when 6-year-old Lena’s tooth fell out at 35,000 feet, the pilot made the sweetest gesture. The tale was shared by Good Morning America, and it’s so adorable that we had to share it as well.

Lena and her mother, Lauren Larmon, were flying from New York to South Carolina when the tiny child fell asleep and awoke with a missing tooth. She was in a state of panic. Do tooth fairies ever fly by plane? “I was dozing on the plane,” Lena said Good Morning America. My mother awakened me up…we were going to pick up our baggage. ‘Mommy, mommy, I think my tooth fell out,’ I said.

A wobbly tooth does not always indicate that the tooth is ready to fall out, which surprised Lena after a few lengthy travel days. When the mother and daughter noticed Lena was missing one of her bottom teeth, they attempted to re-board the plane, but security had closed the doors. Lena told GMA she was “extremely emotional” and “sobbing” because her teeth was most likely still on the plane. “I was like, ‘We’re never going to locate my tooth again!'” she added.

Here is the video: