Simon Cowell is the type of person that admires determined individuals who are not afraid to take risks and take charge of their lives.

As a result, when he met the young guy in the video below during the X Factor UK auditions, he was bothered by the fact that he wasn’t there on his own desire.

It turned out that the man’s long-term girlfriend had covertly applied in his name online. She was convinced that her lover Sam would advance to the next phase of the tournament, and she was correct.

Despite a rocky start, the gifted young man managed to create a performance that made Simon overlook anything else he could have disagreed with at first.

Sam stunned the audience with an outstanding performance of Celine Dion’s “Runaround Sue.”

In addition to his unique voice, the judges admired Sam’s willingness to take a chance and choose a song that may not be as popular with today’s audience as other songs on the radio.

Check out Sam’s incredible performance in the video below!