The birth of twins brings the parents enormous delight. What to say when there are more births than planned is also a rarity in general. In this instance, the mother gave birth to nine children at once.

At the time of nine babies, a married couple from Mauritania broke a record.

Naturally, a 25-year-old woman from one of the West African nations could not have ever dreamed of having a family of five girls and four boys all at once.

A pregnant girl was observed by specialists from a different, medically advanced country because her situation is so unusual. They feared the babies wouldn’t survive if a young mom gave birth normally. She was therefore restored, each weighing more than 500 grams. Every step was successful.

They were obviously not yet as feasible, but they have already lengthened their duration under particular circumstances. The young mother is simply ecstatic. She looks after them and observes their growth in strength. He is eager to be home already.

They will go for their home country as soon as they are liberated. All of the infants are growing normally and are no longer in need of cameras. They were born in the summer, and during that entire period, they met the clinic’s standards.