During the concert, a woman walked onto the stage of a British performer. A little, really attractive puppy wearing a dazzling red bow tie around its neck was in his arms.

He identified himself as Trip Hazard, Lucy’s dog, who was on a brief trip. It is a Pomeranian and Maltese hybrid. They had been dating for about a year, and he is a dog trainer.

Lucy began to discuss how Trip has numerous boyfriends and girlfriends and how she wants to demonstrate that small dogs can also have a good time. After he finished his introduction, they started speaking.

His feet, which he kept in the air for him, simply jumped off the trip. He then turns his head toward the woman who was standing on the opposite side of the stage as he runs back.

He moved back and forth between his legs as they danced together. He asked him to shake the crowd while pressing his thigh.

He rolled and turned as he crawled back to the ground and then reached the woman. He then went up on her back and made a platform for the woman as she knelt down. He had the ability to make an impression on the audience.

Even after they had completed speaking, the audience was ecstatic. Tripp was raised into the air by Lucy, who was on her back, using her lower legs. They pressed a picture after finishing their speech.

Here is the video: