On a memorable day, Noah Smiling went to the neighborhood Denny’s with his mother for breakfast. Noah reflected on what he would like to do when he “grew big” and had to work for himself because it was the day when parents bring their children to work. When Noah was younger, he had an ambition of becoming a police officer. One day, he just so happened to see a police officer at the restaurant.

The youngster asked his mom if he could go say “hello” to Eddie Benitez, a police officer who was also having dinner there. Of course, his mother concurred, but when Noah began to approach Eddie, he grew so anxious that he dared not speak. He made the decision to devise a fresh strategy, and fortunately, Noah had some birthday money on hand, as reported by Insider.

After they had paid Eddie’s bill, Noah’s proud mother, Amanda Cantin, agreed and assisted him in writing a special message on the receipt. After that, Noah approached the policeman while holding the receipt. Officer Benitez was initially perplexed as to what was going on when he saw the child approaching with his receipt.

However, after reading what Noah had written, everything seemed incredibly clear. I want to be you when I grow up, the nine-year-old child wrote on the receipt. I appreciate your service, Noah. Officer Benitez jumped out of his seat as soon as the incident occurred because he was so moved by it that he told the local news station about it.

Officer Benitez told 10News, “He hands me the tab, you know, and I look at him and I look up the tab, and I’m like, wait a minute.” I put on my glasses and started reading. What he written, may I read it? I have it right here because I intend to hold onto it for as long as I can. The reporter inquired, “Sometimes police officers take a lot of flack, and you see him with this enormous heart stepping forward and giving you that piece of paper, what did that mean to you?” after hearing what the note read.

It was absolutely everything, Officer Benitez said. It meant that I had to get up every morning, put on his uniform, and go do my duties. You realize? It implies that I must continue to make an effort to set a positive example for all of these young men.

Officer Benitez asked if they could snap a photo together to remember the incident before Noah and his mother departed the Denny’s eatery. Later, it emerged on the Facebook page of the Lakeland Police Department. The tale was told to the entire department in an effort to motivate the blue-clad individuals who work tirelessly to keep our streets safe.

The cop and Noah met up again a short while later. They were gathered at Noah’s house by the neighborhood news station to convey their touching tale. The local broadcaster wanted to share a heartwarming tale about their neighborhood cops and a young child with a kind heart with their viewers because there are so many terrible situations to cover every day.

The seriousness of their work is only understood by police officers and their families. Every day before they begin their shift, many wear bulletproof vests. Every police officer on the streets is aware that this might be the last day they see their loved ones. Most police departments place this prayer in the changing area so that officers might read it before their shifts begin:

It’s good to see police officers being supported, acknowledged, and appreciated in such a sweet way, especially given the risks they take to protect and serve others and the criticism they frequently encounter. When he grows up, this youngster will make a great police officer.