Over the years, “America’s Got Talent” has featured its fair share of extraordinary and distinctive talent. This time, the judges and Simon Cowell are joined by Japanese yo-yo artist Shu Takada, who presents a routine to the song “Hit the Road Jack” by “Throttle.”

We’ve seen a lot of yo-yo acts over the years, Simon explains to the contender. If I’m being completely honest with you, they’ve been a little boring! Shu reacts by sharing Simon with his ambition of introducing the world to the “coolness” of the yo-yo.

Shu first gets it to move forward before flipping his body in midair. He’s dancing and effortlessly handling two yo-yos. He throws them into the air while lying on his back. The audience roars in approval as they watch in awe.

He lowers himself to his knees, reaches out to touch the ground with his back, and launches two yo-yos into the air. He lifts up a yo-yo while spinning it under his rear like he’s jumping rope while seated on the ground.

The crowd is in a frenzy! “My God, Shu, we weren’t expecting that,” exclaims Simon. The best yo-yo we’ve ever seen, exclaims Heidi as she pursues him. I’ve never seen anything like it, Howie screams, unable to believe what he is seeing.

Simon makes the decision to spice things up. We’ve never done this before, he says to Shu. We’ll either say “Yo” or “No.” Shu ultimately receives four “Yo’s” from the audience in addition to a standing ovation.

It is an amazing show that combines dance, acrobatics, and impressive yo-yo skills. Shu progressed on “AGT” because the judges adored it. Shu was so overcome with emotion that he was unable to even react when Terry Crews asked him how he was feeling.

Watch the video below!