Although many people find it hard to believe, Maria and Lucy are twins. The issue is that girls come from several racial groups. They are frequently mistaken for pals.

Due to a singular occurrence—they are of different races—unique twins from the UK gained fame.

The girls were born in 1997; their mother is half-Jamaican and their father is European. The girls initially demonstrated their bond and experienced it, including showing birth certificates.

“Because I’m white and Maria’s black, no one ever thinks we’re twins. Even when we are dressed similarly, we still don’t even appear to be twins, according to Lucy.

Donna Douglas, their mom, recollects how she initially found it hard to believe. She brought two quite distinct groups of girls.

The sisters are totally dissimilar in terms of both appearance and personality.

Red-haired Lucy attends Gloucester College to study art and design. At Cheltenham College, Maria is a law and psychology, double major. Each child in this wonderful family has a different skin tone.

“All of our elder siblings have complexion tones that fall between mine and Lucy’s. That is, they are situated between us and us on the color spectrum, according to Lucy.

Even though they are very different, the girls are happy with it. They are proud of their distinction.