The sport of figure skating is incredibly lovely. And it’s tough to look away when genuine skill is displayed through skating!

Russian 11-year-old Veronika Zhilina is one illustration.

It is instantly apparent that some type of fantastic event is in store for us when she shows up at the rink. The magic intensifies with each passing second, and then all of a sudden, only a single spotlight’s flickering glow can be seen, trailing the young figure skater in the white dress.

The audience now switches on their flashlights, which cast a sprinkling of stars in the darkness. And all of this is set to Alexandra Burke’s rendition of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen.

As she glides across the ice, Veronica spins in a leap and dazzles the mind with her amazing high-speed pirouettes.

The girl will likely be unable to resist and fall on the ice at about this time. But no! Veronica maintains her balance much better than most grown-ups do!

Without a doubt, Zhilina will succeed in figure skating.

Check it out yourself: