Even though Drake Grillo was only three years old, it was obvious that he had the makings of a future Eagle. The young girl sang the National Anthem with a lot of love and admiration, making history at Syracuse’s Carrier Dome. He appears to be unnerved and has just thoroughly remembered the national song. How lovely and outstanding.

Most kids have trouble remembering even the most basic and straightforward sentences while they’re young. Heck, I guess when I was three I ate dirt.

Drake is a remarkable and impressive little child who finds it very challenging to sing in front of so many people. The courageous kid doesn’t even display the slightest hint of stress; instead, he appears to be having a great time being the center of attention.

Now, this is how you nurture a kid to succeed on various social media networks. Not much can unsettle this three-year-old after singing the National Anthem in front of almost 6,000 spectators at Syracuse’s Carrier Dome.

Prepare yourself for a cuteness overload because Drake Grillo is a skilled entertainer.

Watch the video here: