A video featuring a little child and a dog that doesn’t leave it on stage has gained popularity. Dora, an American Staffordshire Terrier, and young Teddy appear just before the child is introduced.

From the first day the child entered the house, Dora took care of him, and she has continued to do so up to the present. Constantly getting to know one another, companions even stand to relax.

In spite of the fact that many people view Amstaff as a very combative race, Teddy’s mother is confident that her toddler is completely protected by Dora. However, the truth is that with the proper training, they are surprisingly amenable and loving dogs.

Dora is also a fantastic model. Instagram users were brought to tears by the owner of the dog’s video about Dora and Teddy’s bond.

I have no doubt that their kinship will continue. We are incredibly happy to have a creature like that. We have designated times for our strolls, extended periods of downtime, extended periods for our shared meals, and finally, we live it up and have a favorite moment of playing around,» the owner explains.