When folks take the stage for these singing contests, I’m always impressed. In addition to devoting themselves to perfecting their art, they run the risk of being rejected and humiliated on national television if they fail. Yes, there is no stress at all.

The potential for either a life-changing victory or a soul-crushing setback increases tenfold when a child is included in the equation. I was holding my breath as this girl, Larissa, prepared to appear on the kid’s episode of “The Voice” in German.

It turns out I didn’t need to bother. Only a table is in front of Larissa when she climbs up there. There is a cup on the table. All three of the judges/potential mentors are seated with their backs to the audience. The situation is rather unsettling, especially if they don’t press the switch to turn around. The time spent there may then seem to last forever. She starts tapping out a rhythm on the table and starts singing “Cups.” The judges appear smitten right away.

When one of them instantly flips his chair around, Larissa’s parents and other relatives backstage had fits of laughter. She continues singing without becoming agitated. The two remaining judges turn their chairs around a short while later.

This indicates that all three of them desire to serve as her team’s mentors. She will be able to choose who she wants to collaborate with. Her family now appears to be so ecstatic that there is a good danger they will faint backstage.

These success tales make for excellent videos. the escalation of the judges’ suspicion, the audience’s gradual realization that they are listening to something VERY lovely, and the judges’ nodding assent. The result is top-notch television.

However, witnessing performances like William Hung’s rendition of “She Bang” during the “American Idol” auditions might help viewers recognize the ability of even the “Mediocre” contestants. Hopefully Larissa made significant progress while she was on the show.

I gave this three listens. Was it not wonderful? Post your ideas in the comments section below and watch the video!