How much longer can you put up with bullying when even young kids contemplate suicide?

Jackson Bezzant, age 7, endured bullying his entire life and was frequently made fun of by kids.

Even eating lunch at school was impossible for him since older students would constantly refer to him as a “monster” or “freak.”

The bullying had to cease long before one of the teachers informed Jackson’s mother about it, which is fortunate.

Dan, Jackson’s father, started crying as soon as he learned what had happened.

Treacher Collins Syndrome, a rare condition that impaired Jackson’s facial bone growth and left him nearly entirely deaf, was present at birth in his adored son.

Dan, Jackson’s father, heard horrible comments about his son’s appearance from people of all ages.

A woman once exclaimed, “Did you see that little boy’s face?” as she passed by, Dan recalled.

Dan made a decision to act after learning what had occurred to Jackson at school.

But he didn’t anticipate such a response to his Facebook post.

Continue reading to learn why Dan’s remarks moved millions of people.

Jackson Bezzant is the person you see here, and he will shortly turn 8 years old.

Treacher Collins Syndrome, a condition that impairs the growth of facial bones, was present in Jackson at birth. He now wears a hearing aid because the incident also affected his hearing and vision.

The young youngster has experienced a lot in his short life, as you may undoubtedly infer.

Dan, Jackson’s father, just overheard something that brought tears to his eyes.

Jackson was being bullied by a couple older students in the cafeteria one morning at school. They also nicknamed him other names, such as “monster.”

Dan made the decision that he had enough. And posted a compelling article about the incident on Facebook:

“This lovely young kid, my son Jackson, has to undergo a continual bombardment of insulting words and stupidity like i’ve never encountered. My heart is in pieces right now. My soul feels like it’s ripping from my chest. His classmates regularly refer to him as a monster, freak, and ugly. He mentions suicide while being only 8 years old!

He claims he is hated by everyone and has no friends. Please, please stop for a moment and picture your child being subjected to these abhorrent words by children who are pushing and throwing rocks at him. Spend a moment explaining to your kids about people with disabilities. Talk to them about empathy and loving one another. Treacher Collins is the name of his illness. even research it. He has had multiple gruesome surgeries and will have more in the future. I could go on, but I ask that you instead educate your kids. Please distribute this. Nobody should be through this.

Dan did not anticipate his Facebook post going viral, but it actually did.

Children at Jackson’s school have since modified how they act toward him. They desire to be his buddies and stand up for him against bullies.

Dan says he does not want to place the responsibility on Jackson’s school’s instructors. He claims that it is the parents’ obligation to raise and teach their children to appreciate others, including children who are different from them.

Dan added, “I want parents to see my article and experience my heartbreak; it could be any child anywhere. “Please teach your kids that bullying is wrong and let them know that.”

Dan claimed that by connecting with two other local families who also have children with Treacher Collins Syndrome, he and Jackson were able to learn more about the disorder. They are now going to meet frequently!

We’re overjoyed that Jackson is now surrounded by so many people.

More than abuse and harassment is what he deserves.