The natural world is fantastic. But there is nothing wrong with rightly highlighting the virtues that nature has endowed us with. Women are helped in this by cosmetics and their ability to utilize them properly.

This 80-year-old woman knows how to conduct herself correctly despite her decrepit age. You can now see that she paints well than many skilled makeup professionals.

The woman rose to fame on the Internet after this video went viral. In just one week, the video featuring her received one million views.

Our protagonist starts by cleansing the skin because, without it, nothing else works. After applying a primer and foundation, she gives the final look a matte finish by setting it with a colorless powder.

She then draws a pencil outline around the lips and applies lipstick to complete the look.

The brows next.

Where would you be without some eyelid shadow and arrows? What a smooth surface!

With a few tweaks and improvements, our image will be complete. The final steps are to put on a wig, choose a clothes, and buy jewelry. Ready!

Of course, this woman looks pretty respectable for her age even without cosmetics. However, since her reincarnation, she appears to be flowering, and others find it difficult to believe that this self-assured and regal woman is already 80 years old!

Watch the video here: