The renowned international journal DailyMail just produced a list of the world’s most attractive women. Nastya Knyazeva, a Perm native, received first place. Her mother discussed how her daughter entered the modeling industry in an interview she gave the other day.

At the age of 2.5, Nastya took her first steps toward becoming a model. A few days after her mother sent a questionnaire to a reputable modeling agency in Moscow, she received an invitation for an interview and a test shoot.

“I will always remember Nastya’s first shot. She had the feeling that she had been doing this all along. She had no fear of strangers or cameras. When I told the photographer that this was her first time, even she was taken aback, recalls her mother.

Nastya immediately jumped into the modeling industry after that. She started doing interviews, advertising, and nonstop shooting. Anna Knyazeva received orders after being named the most beautiful girl in the world by the Daily Mail.

But along with the fame, jealous individuals surfaced and barraged Anna with critical and indignant remarks. She received criticism for denying the infant her childhood, spoiling her delicate face with cosmetics, and letting the camera roll nonstop since it would harm the baby’s education.

Anna made the decision to respond to every comment and stated that the happiness of her kid and the problem of education are priorities.

Nastya schedules her time down to the minute. She attends developmental workshops and circles, interacts with girlfriends, and walks in addition to filming. I give schooling a lot of thought because my daughter will start first grade in a year, the mother of a young model declared.

Even Anna Knyazeva herself is baffled by how everyone is able to pull it off. The mom realizes, however, that giving her daughter to the modeling industry was not in vain when she observes how eagerly Nastya attends the shooting. She had been in a number of reputable Russian and international periodicals by the age of 6, and she was regarded as the most beautiful child in the entire globe.

Mom frequently updates her Instagram feed with new images of her daughter. And she already has one million fans, who are continuing to increase.