Florida native Jack is a 2-year-old boy. He has autism and is shy and kind. He is wearing his favorite Disney costume in this video, almost as if he saw something amazing was about to occur. And boy, did something extraordinary occur.

In this clip, Snow White performs her magic during a wonderful encounter with a unique Coley family member. The moment Jack fell in love with Snow White is seen. For everyone in the area, this is truly a great time. The picture-perfect Snow White in front of young Jack has his complete attention.

The way that young guy is looking at Snow White melts my heart since she is such a sweetheart. This is what it means to be a human. Jack must have fallen in love with this princess, according to Mom. He undoubtedly exudes love.

The young woman performs admirably, matching the level of any Disney princess. Her exceptional generosity goes above and above the call of duty, and her smile is positively contagious. Although each autistic child is unique, they all share a few traits in common, such as a dread of making direct eye contact and close physical contact, particularly with strangers.

But in this video, Jack is mesmerized by Snow White. He sits close to her, fixes his gaze on her face, and even cracks a smile when she does. Snow White’s ability to grip his hand is amazing. Jack occasionally rests his head on her lap. He reaches out to Snow White, and she responds with genuine joy.

Three cheers for Jack and this gorgeous young woman who played Snow White because fantasy has real magic power. She truly is a princess. We appreciate you making this young man’s day unique and creating an experience he won’t soon forget.

Here is the video: