Tourists that travel to Romania frequently visit Transylvania because nearly everyone has heard of or heard of the enigmatic Count Dracula.

However, now on, we’re going to inform you about a stunning location that is well deserving of attention. Just one look at this location, known as “Fairy Valley Clay Castle,” is enough to make one fall in love and wish they could go there.

It’s an eco-hotel, not a real castle, made entirely of natural materials like clay, wood, sand, and straw. It is situated in the village of Porumbasu de Sus, in the Valley of the Fairies, and is surrounded by mountains, forests, and a fresh airy environment.

The hotel’s magnificently sloped roofs and large oak doors blend very beautifully with the surroundings; it almost seems to enhance them.

The architects of the “Clay Castle” are a married couple; in fact, they had long fantasized about building such a hotel and at some point still decided to make it a reality.

Only ten rooms make up this quaint inn, each with its own entrance, a fireplace, and all the amenities you could possibly need. Additionally, the hotel features a restaurant where only organic foods and wholesome cuisine are served to guests.

A absolutely wonderful location. Do you want to come here or have you already been here? Post your thoughts in the comments section!