The Izeala family, who reside in Nigeria and are raising four children, is a good example of how love, empathy, and support can help people get through whatever challenges they may face in life.

We’re going to tell you the tale of a typical Belarussian girl who married an African man and has been cohabitating peacefully for 20 years now on

Now that Lena and Don have achieved success, they enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and a reliable source of income. Everyone owns a car, and parents send their kids to good schools. Additionally, the girl had no intention of relocating to Africa after her marriage.

Don had his own business and had successfully completed his master’s degree in Belarus. In Minsk, the couple’s oldest daughter was born, but regrettably, that was also the moment that business issues started to arise. The couple decides to relocate to the country of their husband in an effort to find work there. They liquidated all of their assets and gave Don’s parents the money so they could invest it in a new company and setting for their family. However, it turned out that the money had been invested unsuccessfully.

Elena recalls her very first visit to her husband’s country with a newborn with fear. After that, she would have to relocate with her young daughter and learn to live there as a beggar on a vast estate.

She had to learn how to cook over a campfire, do laundry by hand, and handle local ailments while being a licensed English teacher. Because the husband’s family did not believe that the frail girl could handle the situation, they secretly hunted for the man a local wife.

However, Don didn’t want to hear about it and was making every effort to find a means to make an extra dollar in order to give his family a future they could consider normal.

Later, Elena gave birth to three more daughters, each time flying to Minsk for the delivery. She was advised to stay there by her parents, but she had already made up her mind and kept returning to her spouse.

Elena eventually found her home in Africa despite challenges and a protracted adjustment to a strange land, culture, and mindset. She currently runs a blog on social media where she discusses the quirks of African life and creates her own online store where she sells essential oils. Don also runs a business.

She also started a local ballet school where she instructs young people in choreography. During the winter holidays, the family travels to Belarus to see relatives. Additionally, the daughters of Elena and Don speak both English and Russian with ease.