See this incredible act of compassion where a restaurant wrote “happy birthday” in braille for a blind customer.

A blind singer-songwriter named Natalie Te Paa visited London with her friend Claire Sara for her birthday. The two made the decision to go out to eat at Luciano together. They were both taken aback by what transpired after their supper. Natalie received a dish from the restaurant staff that had “happy birthday” written in chocolate Braille!

“No way in the world! The answer is no! As Natalie felt the raised chocolate spots with her hands, she shouted. Oh, my God! Are you serious? That’s crazy. I greatly appreciate it.

The waiters used to sing to Natalie when she would celebrate her birthday in restaurants like they do for most people. But this was the first time a restaurant had made such exceptional accommodations for her impairment. The employees went above and above to make Natalie feel special on her birthday, going so far as to research how to write the message in Braille and check that the chocolate was sufficiently chilled to prevent melting when Natalie touched it.

The heartwarming event was captured on camera by Natalie’s friend Claire, who posted it online. The heartwarming scene went viral, garnering over 4.3 million likes and over 16 million views on YouTube.

The fact that people have reacted so positively to it demonstrates how badly the world needs kindness right now, a message of hope, and examples of people going above and beyond for one another, Natalie said.

The birthday girl continues by expressing her hope that a wider discussion about inclusivity will result from the video.

“Being blind is difficult. You encounter things that are challenging, rough, and difficult rather frequently, as well as discrimination. The fact that they did that for us, then, really sparked a dialogue about awareness, she added. “I’ve never thought of this notion,” restaurant owners and chefs have said in their responses.

Natalie said, “We need to make it more inclusive for people with all disabilities.” being able to acquire the skills necessary to approach another person at their level. I’ll be happy if even one restaurant is motivated to improve their inclusiveness.

What a wonderful moment, and what a unique approach to incorporate and make this birthday girl feel special! Check it out below!