Steven “the Seagull,” a seagull, has been observed entering a nearby store on various occasions.

Everything that shows that nothing is protected when Steven’s pinnacle moves near the store, including sandwiches and exquisite bites, reveals that this particular seagull is by all accounts drawn to food.

The seagull is now a regular customer in the shop, and both employees and customers are very aware of quill thefts and unquestionably enjoy seeing it in person.

A customer who shops there claims that she witnessed Steven fleeing with a bag of Doritos and then sharing the loot with another bird on the roof.

Seagulls are affectionately referred to be “Rats with wings,” and we must not forget that, like certain other bird species, they are crucial to our current situation.

There is no doubt that these jittery birds will continue to intrigue many people and cause a little apprehension in a few, but a lot of online users are still eager to learn about «Steven Seagull’s» adventures.