A man from Wales encountered the most peculiar circumstance. For years, Paul Soproni, 40, has made fruitless attempts to persuade his sweetheart to get married. Alisha Pilava is the person. Alisha claims to Wales Online that for the past two years, he has tried everything he has done 30 times every day. He even had a sign that read, “Will you marry me?” she was passing when.

Alisha is a busy woman who has already been married twice. In addition to running two tire stores, she is also pursuing a degree in human management. But it all changed on that particular day. As best man, Paul received an invitation to a friend’s wedding. He was certain that he had attended the vow renewal ceremony for his friends Kevin and Heidi, but something went horribly wrong.

Alisha suddenly came wearing a white dress and asked, “Would you marry me? Alisha questioned Paul He was perplexed. He replied, “No,” and took off. The uncertainty is understandable given that he came to marry friends and that the wedding ended up being a sham, in addition to the proposal being so unexpected. It could have all ended there, but he understood the circumstances, returned, kissed Alisha, and consented.

Paul was pleased with himself for trying so hard! He didn’t think his future wife could have accomplished everything. But what if a woman is strong and determines when to get married instead of caving in to pressure? I wish their couple luck!