Little girls may experience anxiety during dance performances. Joanna Colon from North Carolina, however, can categorically state that this is not the case!

Joanna was significant for a triplet who walked the stage wearing a pricey spotted tutu and a pink and dark bathing suit. We’re extremely grateful that Father shot! The concert program for Joanna definitely commanded a lot of respect from the entire audience.

The group couldn’t help but laugh, applauding and complimenting the young woman as she shone in front of the crowd. She stood out due to her flamboyant hand gestures, brassy head movements, assigning blame, and vivacious movements.

Elissa’s mother claimed that her daughter was always practicing the daily plan at home, which gave Elissa the opportunity to inform her young daughter about the amazing Aretha Franklin.

When Joanna starts moving while also altering her lips, it’s considerably more brilliant. Her hands are raised, and she shakes her head.

Joanna then settles into her daily routine while pacing back and forth and cheering.

When she strikes her final position, the group breaks out in fits of laughter. A crowd of 400 people end up giving her a rousing round of applause.

Joanna, who was six when she performed the number, had been on the move since she was two. The video below makes clear how dedicated she is. She is hilarious to watch!