“You still need to show appreciation for the people you once loved, even if love has passed.” One American couple lives by these resolute words as their motto. The only thing that will ever bring Adam Dyson and Victoria Baldwin together after their divorce is their cherished child. Adam and Vicki get together every year to have fun for the benefit of their two-year-old son. like the days of yore.

Adam and I are no longer close friends or even in love. We nevertheless meet together to appease our son despite this. He needs to comprehend what a true, loving family is and how much each member of one values it, adds Victoria.

It should be emphasized that Adam frequently spends weekends and vacations with his son. The baby should, however, be the center of both parents’ attention in order to observe how well they get along and exhibit respect for one another.

Adam and Victoria were married when the top two pictures were taken. The bottom photos were also taken after the divorce, yet the young family still seemed to be enjoying itself. “Our son adores both of us equally. We don’t ask pointless questions like, “Who do you love more, mom or dad?” or try to convert him to our side, adds Victoria, adding:

We never argue or settle disputes in front of our son. Yes, we occasionally have disagreements, but we try not to involve the kids in them. We prioritize the needs of our infant above all else.